Top 5 Food Commercials: Which Makes You The Hungriest? (VIDEOS)

Wednesday, ad consulting company Ace Matrix released its list of the most effective TV commercials of Q3 of 2011, just in time for Advertising Week. As usual, food and drink products are front and center in the winner's circle. Five of the top 10 commercials advertise some kind of comestible.

The surprise winner of the bunch was a subdued, tasteful 9/11 Tribute commercial from Budweister, which aired on the 10th anniversary of the attacks. Ace Metrix CEO Peter Dabroll, writing in Forbes, noted that the ad scored higher than any other ad so far this year.

Ace Matrix, which was founded in 2007, conducts surveys and focus groups to determine consumer response to ads. It uses the data from the surveys to rank commercials on a 1000-pound scale called the Ace Score.

For the full top 10, check out the Ace Metrix website. Here are all the food-related ads:

Best Food Ads