Top Food Factory Tours in America

Top Food Factory Tours in America
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2012-06-22-1jellybellyEntry324JellyBelly.jpgWant to live out your Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory fantasies? Turns out you can! Inspired by the 1971 musical, The Daily Meal checked out all of the delicious ways to learn about food production. From jelly beans to potato chips, there are food factory tours and tastings to satisfy any craving--so beat the heat indoors at one of these fun food factory tours or events (Photo Credit: Jelly Belly Factory).

Factory tours offer a fresh, creative way to keep the family busy, especially on a tight budget, as several of the tours are completely free. No, you won't be able to run around and gnaw on two-foot gummy bears, sip from a chocolate river, or score an Everlasting Gobstopper. That said, many of the tours include munchies like chocolate, cheese, and potato chips. It may not be the healthiest activity, but it will certainly be a memorable one.

Aside from the tasty bites, the food factory tours and tastings share company history and fun facts about the products. Want to know how long it takes to make a single jelly bean? Are you curious about the exact contents of your teabag? Clueless about how cheese is made? Get the answers to these and other questions from the educational and interactive tours. Why not build a trip around one of these destinations?

Food factory tours make for great family vacations, so pack a few suitcases, fire up your GPS, and check out the Top Food Factory Tours in America.

- Nina Fomufod, The Daily Meal

Jelly Belly Factory: Fairfield, Calif.

Top Food Tours in America

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