12 Gifts For The Person Who Loves Food Just As Much As Fashion

Because food and fashion should always go hand in hand.

This year, food and fashion came together with delicious results. We saw celebrities wearing a bevy of food-related clothing and we couldn't be happier. From Katy Perry's pizza bathing suit in her music video, to Rita Ora's infamous Cheez-Its dress, to Jeremy Scott's ode to McDonalds in his Moschino Fall 2014 collection, it was all about looks so good you could (almost) eat them.

So if you love fashion as much as you love food (or know someone who does), we found you the perfect gifts. Whether it's a cereal-inspired bag or fruity yet chic dresses, these 12 items are sure to satisfy everyone who can't stop thinking about what they're going to have for dinner.

Pineapples may not be seasonal right now, but they are always fashionable
A way to tastefully broadcast your undying love for donuts
These cherry earrings will add a punch of color to any outfit
These earrings are made from real KFC chicken wing bones so they are for only diehard fried chicken fans
Pair of 14kt Gold Plated Chicken Bone Earrings, $200 (will be on sale December 10, 2014)
A totally chic ode to tropical fruits
Because you're never too old for a Happy Meal
For the friend who is the fork to your knife
A perfect bag to add a refreshing twist to your day
When is brunch ever a bad idea?
Because this was definitely kale's year
This is the ultimate charm bracelet for food lovers
This one is for all the people out there who are addicted to cereal (you know who you are)
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