Food Huggers Kickstarter: A Reusable Food Saver We Actually Like (VIDEO)

We WANT to hate these, but we kind of love them.

We are not super hot on single-use kitchen gadgets, as you know. We have seen enough fruit-slicers, grilling tools and chip clips to last a lifetime. We also despise food-savers that are shaped like the food they intend to save. All this is to say, we shouldn't be interested in Food Huggers, but we are.

Food Huggers, a Kickstarter campaign with mere hours left as of publishing, is just the kind of wacky, color-coded kitchen tool we would normally want to punch in the face. Only, this one is a little different. Firstly, they're very reusable, and apply to all kinds of foods, which means you use way fewer plastic bags. Secondly, they stack together so they seem like they'll be easy to store. Third, they asked us to give our food a hug... and we already kind of wanted to. Check them out!

We are not surprised that the Food Huggers Kickstarter has already been WAY over-funded, but that doesn't mean you can't use this opportunity to get in on the ground floor of the first production run.

UPDATE: In response to consumer demand, the team over at Food Huggers will be accepting pre-orders for a few weeks on their website, in case you want to reserve a set, but missed the Kickstarter deadline.

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