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15 Food Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

You can never have enough pictures of cake.

We thank Instagram everyday for giving us exactly what we've always wanted: a whole lot of food photography. Even after we have had it with pictures of cute babies holding kittens, we can still happily look at hundreds of images of cake. (This is not an exaggeration.) For some reason, food photos never get old. But bad food photography does. Right away.

On Instagram, you can come across some really sad food photography. But that's why we're here -- to help you guys find the best food porn Instagram has to offer. Here are our 15 favorites. If you've got any recommendations, please let us know in the comments below. We can never get enough.

Ashley Rodriguez
Food blogger Ashley Rodriguez of Not Without Salt shares photos will make you hungry all the time. @ashrod
Spoon Fork Bacon
Not only should you follow this Instagram account, but you should follow the food blog too: Spoon Fork Bacon. @spoonforkbacon
Dominique Ansel
We might be tired of hearing about his Cronut, but we never tire of the beautiful images of his pastries (and savories) that show up on our Instagram feed. @dominiqueansel
Craig Deihl
Not only is Craig Deihl the executive chef at Cypress but he also cures all his own meats (and shares it on instagram). Need we say more?@cdeihl
Blue Bottle
Satisfy all of your coffee porn needs with Blue Bottle's feed. @bluebottle
April Bloomfield
April Bloomfield
April Bloomfield, chef of Spotted Pig and The Breslin, will not only wow you with her photographs but you'll also get recipe ideas and restaurant tips out of it too. @aprilbloomfield
Diane Cu
Diane Cu
Diane Cu of White On Rice Couple food blog makes pictures so pretty you'll think you were dreaming. Oh, and they'll make you hungry too. @dianecu
Tartine Bakery
Tartine Bakery
Not only does Tartine Bakery make the best croissants in the U.S. (according to our humble opinion) but they Instagram them too.@tartinebakery
Julie's Kitchen
Julie's Kitchen
Julie's food collages will make your day better.@julieskitchen
Marcus Nilsson
Marcus Nilsson
Marcus Nilsson, professional food photographer, gives you a behind-the-scenes peek at professional photo shoots (and then some).@pissinginthepunchbowl
Our friends at Food52 regram some of the most beautiful foods.@food52
Nicole Franzen
Nicole Franzen
Professional food photographers never let us down, and Nicole Franzen is proof of that.@nicole_franzen
Jamie Oliver
Jamie Oliver
You'd be a fool not to follow our favorite chef Jamie Oliver.@jamieoliver
Alice Gao
Alice Gao
Alice Gao, professional photographer, shares whimsical images we wish we could get lost in.@alice_gao
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