Wedding Gifts For Food Lovers (PHOTOS)

Think outside the registry.

It's official guys, wedding season is here. As soon as the weather gets nice again, people begin to practice their vows and order their wedding cakes. And this usually means that your summer schedule is filling up -- not with sun-filled beach vacations but with plenty of weddings to attend. This also means that you need to start thinking about wedding gifts.

Sure, you could just pick something off the registry that's within your price range, but there's not much fun in that. How many Cuisinart food processors can you really buy in your life (that don't end up on your own counter)? Think outside the registry, guys! And if your soon-to-be-wed friends happen to be food lovers, getting them an original and totally awesome gift is so easy. Check out our ideas below.

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Hand Crafted Cutting Board From Gray Works Design

Wedding Gifts For Food Lovers

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