14 Signs You're Addicted To The Food Network

14 Signs You're Addicted To The Food Network

Anybody who stumbles upon the Food Network will likely find their stomachs growling at the delicious food on the screen. But only true Food Network addicts understand your love-hate relationship with Ina Garten, or the heart flutters that happen when your favorite judge is on "Chopped."

Here are 14 signs you're utterly addicted to the Food Network:

1. You've planned family road trips based solely on restaurants featured on "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives."


2. You've totally fantasized what your dream birthday cake on "Ace of Cakes" would look like.


3. Every time Ina Garten flawlessly whips up an elaborate dish and says, "How easy is that?" you can't help but feel like she's mocking you and your sad, burned-up mess.

4. Still, you love Ina Garten and would do anything to attend one of her awesome parties. (Ugh, Taylor Swift, you win again.)

5. Even if you're scarfing down a McFlurry, you find yourself thinking, "It could definitely use a little acidity to cut the sweetness."


6. You've come to accept that what takes Rachael Ray 30 minutes to cook will take you at least an hour and all of your energy.


7. You've challenged your roommates to a "Chopped"-style competition.


8. Everything you know about science is thanks to Alton Brown.


9. You watch the Food Network at the gym so you can focus on what to cook once your horrendous workout is over.

10. You find yourself silently yelling in your head, "LET'S KICK IT UP A NOTCH!" when adding spices to a dish.


11. You haven't actually said "extra virgin olive oil" in years. It's EVOO, duh.


12. Whenever an "Ace of Cakes" creation is loaded into the back of a van or carried up stairs, you go into full blown panic mode.


13. You feel more confident ordering at an Italian restaurant since you've learned the pronunciation from Giada De Laurentiis.


14. For better or for worse, Bobby Flay has given you the confidence that you can grill anything -- even Spam -- and it will be amazing.


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