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Food Network Ditches Shark Meat After 30,000 Sign Petition

The Food Network is known for showcasing a huge variety of foods -- you don't fill an entire network by sticking to basics. For a long time, that variety included shark meat. Until very recently, the Food Network website listed shark tacos and shark au poivre among its thousands of recipes.

But thanks to 30,000 petitioners on, shark meat is now a thing of the past for the Food Network.

The petition began August 2nd, just in time for the Discovery Channel's Shark Week. It was prompted by fears over the long-term survival of global shark populations; hunting is a principle factor behind the endangerment of several species. The Food Network responded to the petition within 10 days, and committed not to feature recipes for shark meat again in the future.

The sole vestige of sharkdom on is a recipe by Guy Fieri for a drink called the "Shark Attack." It includes one of the few ingredients even more inflammatory than shark meat: Bacardi 151. Here's a video of Fieri demonstrating the technique.

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