Food Pairings: The Best Unusual Flavor Combinations

Bananas With Ketchup And More Of The Oddest Food Pairings

How many of us have had nights where we had no idea what to eat? Nothing sounds appealing, nothing feels inspiring, and so you sit mentally listing off all your options: Pepperoni pizza? Not interested. Grilled salmon? Nah. Tacos? Eh.

The problem is, you've been eating the same foods, with the same flavor combinations, for years. For some of us that equates to at least half a century of repeating the same exact dishes, with the same flavor combinations; this can easily translate to one too many peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. And, well, that can get a little boring.

Lucky for you, there are scientists hard at work discovering new ways to pair old ingredients and they share their findings online, at Foodpairing. Based on a scientific flavor analysis, foods that share major flavor components are paired together -- and often in ways that our intuition wouldn't think of.

Scientists have discovered that grilled cheese isn't only delicious with tomato soup -- you can make it with chocolate and have your dinner and dessert in just one sandwich. They've also found that there might be a better topping for bagels than cream cheese. Exciting, isn't it? And that's just the beginning. Click through the slideshow below to find more "ground-breaking" food pairings, and never tire of food again.

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Heinz Ketchup And Banana

Genius Food Pairings

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