Foods That Love Each Other: Milk And Cookies, Bacon And Eggs, And More

Foods That Love Each Other: 12 Combinations That Are A Match Made In Heaven

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, we at Kitchen Daily couldn't help but think about love and food. We got to thinking about how some foods just work so well together, their flavor profiles seem to perfectly complement one another. And since the tiny angel of love is beginning to beat his little wings and warm up his bow, we decided to take it upon ourselves to be the cupids of the food world -- and profess certain tried-and-true food combinations as matches made in heaven.

From macaroni and cheese to peanut butter and jelly, and even coffee and donuts, the list below pays homage to the great food pairings that we turn to on a daily basis -- most often not even noticing how lacking one would be without the other. Have you ever wondered what a bagel would be without its cream cheese? Not a whole lot. So take a moment to click through some of these favorites, and if the mood should strike, the recipes are listed below.

What is your favorite food combination? Leave a comment below.

Coffee And Donuts

Foods That Love Each Other

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