10 Very Real Food Phobias, And Their Impossibly Long Names

The fear of cooking -- known as mageirocophobia -- is a very real thing.
03/16/2017 06:00am ET

Phobias run the gamut from a pretty common fear of heights (known a acrophobia) to something as vague as a fear of infinity (known as apeirophobia). For just about everything that exists in the world, there’s a phobia to go with it. And that’s true for food, too.

There are food phobias we never imagined existed, such as consecotaleophobia, which is a fear of eating with chopsticks. There are food phobias we can kind of understand, like deipnophobia, which is a fear of dinner conversations. And then there are some food phobias that sound very challenging to live with.

Here are 10 food phobias that actually exist:

grafvision via Getty Images
A fear of chocolate-- it's hard to believe considering how beloved it is, but it's true.
Kkolosov via Getty Images
A fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth -- it truly is sticky stuff.
DianaBahrin via Getty Images
A fear of heat-- which would include hot foods like soups, baked potatoes and hot chocolate. Basically, all of the best things.
Yuko Suzuki / EyeEm via Getty Images
A fear of sour things -- people who have this phobia might stay away from foods like lemons and pickles.
Denise Taylor via Getty Images
A fear of vegetables -- every kid wishes they could use this as an excuse to not eat the broccoli, but if you think about it this would make for a very boring diet.
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A fear of cooking -- this might sound like a convenient way out of making dinner, but imagine all the great meals you'd miss out on.
kieferpix via Getty Images
A fear of drinking alcohol -- it is not a "happy hour" for people who suffer from this phobia.
dulezidar via Getty Images
A fear of garlic -- that means no aioli, no garlic bread and a very different approach to flavoring food when cooking.
Clover No.7 Photography via Getty Images
A fear of mushrooms-- keep the fungi away from these folks.
Sitophobia (or Cibophobia)
Erik Jonsson / EyeEm via Getty Images
A fear of eating -- this can be sparked from a bad episode occurring when eating, like choking. But what does one even do in this situation?
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