Our Food And Cooking Resolutions To Make 2014 The Most Delicious Year Ever

Let's make this year the most delicious one ever!

As you might have guessed, we're not big on New Year's resolutions that result in us eating less. Healthier? Maybe. But we like to always try to resolve to do more, rather than less. As you may also have guessed, nearly all of our New Year's resolutions revolve around food.

Last year we took a look at the food and cooking ambitions we wanted to fulfill in 2013. Things like eating more cheese, learning more about wine, baking more cakes and sharpening our knives more often. In some respects we were successful. Some of us started composting, some of us managed to actually eat all of our produce before it wilted in the crisper, and one of us finally learned to love anchovies. As we look ahead to 2014, here are some of the things that the food nerds at HuffPost aspire to. Happy New Year and happy eating to everyone!

Bake more pie.
William Reavell via Getty Images
Whether we're afraid of making pie crust, or just didn't make as many as we wanted to this year, more than one person said this was at the top of their list. Pie, 2014 is your year!
Cook at least one recipe from all the cookbooks we "collect" and never use.
This one is a leftover from last year, but still holds true for us.
Fully embrace our cast iron skillets.
Lovely Ember Photography via Getty Images
Cornbread, eggs and steak are staples. Now we're ready to take full advantage.
Buy one new kind of cheese per week.
Nicole Duplaix via Getty Images
Think about it, that's 52 new kinds of cheese in a year. (We resolve to do this every year, because it rules.)
Experiment more with our slow cookers.
tirc83 via Getty Images
We've got pulled pork and baked beans down to a science, now we want to work on big roasts, desserts and all the other amazing stuff you can make in a slow cooker.
Make sauerkraut.
Brian Yarvin via Getty Images
We still didn't conquer this holdout from last year's list. 2014 is our year, we can feel it.
Branch out into more elaborate pasta dishes.
Bill Boch via Getty Images
We've nailed the basics. Now we want to get fancy.
Host a grown-up dinner party.
Thomas Barwick via Getty Images
"No plastic eating utensils and the finest of white wine!" said this resolver.
Make vegan mac and cheese.
Rubberball/Nicole Hill via Getty Images
One of our colleagues has had to give up dairy for health reasons and has vowed to fool us into thinking we're eating the real thing. Send any tips our way!
Expand our spice cabinets into new and exotic territories.
Robbie Ewing via Getty Images
Spices of the world, we're coming for you.
Make the most of leftovers, for real.
Lisa Hubbard via Getty Images
"Mine is to freeze one portion of leftovers of everything I make, so on lazy days I'll always have a real meal to defrost instead of turning to instant ramen," one of us resolved.
Just buy a high-end digital meat thermometer and be done with it.
We've overcooked one too many steaks.
Master all 30 of these recipes by the time we turn 30.
How Sweet It Is

What are your food resolutions? Let us know in the comments!

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