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Food Revolution Day Cooking Up a Global Food Festival Like No Other

Making simple changes to our food choices will improve our quality of life and our children's. If you haven't already made plans for Food Revolution Day on May 19, here are a few ways that you can get involved.
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Worldwide, obesity has more than doubled since 1980 and at least 2.8 million adults around the world die each year as a result of being overweight or obese. This has to change. We need to get back to basics and start thinking about where our food comes from. We need to become a conscious community and understand the food choices we make on a daily basis. We need to improve food education for all.

Food Revolution Day is taking place for the first time ever on May 19, providing an opportunity for communities to come together and celebrate food, to share information, resources and talent; for schools and businesses to think about the food choices they provide; for experts to pass on their knowledge; and to empower people to make better food choices. Food Revolution Day is all about standing up for real food and inspiring people everywhere to promote the mission for better food education for all.

On May 19, people all over the world will be connecting with their community through events at schools, restaurants, local businesses, dinner parties and farmers markets and starting the conversation on local food issues. There are already over 500 events taking place in over 300 cities across 33 countries.

Food Revolution Day events range from private dinner parties, to cooking classes, farmer's market tours and community potlucks. Schools and businesses are also getting involved, pledging their support for better food education and kicking off events, from chef demos to smoothie master classes on Friday the 18.

There is no limit to the type of event you can have or how you can get involved, as Jamie says:

Food Revolution Day is about getting people to focus on food issues and the importance of food education. We've got a whole host of amazing foodie events happening; taking place in homes and communities all around the world -- on village greens and parks, in people's houses, gardens and restaurants -- there are no limits! Join us by cooking a lovely meal for your friends and family, taking a walk to a local farmers market and supporting the local producers, or you could just make a small change to your eating habits as a step towards a healthier lifestyle. No event is too little, every voice and every action counts.

So if you haven't already made plans for Food Revolution Day, here are a few ways that you can get involved, connect with your community and make a difference...

  • Host or join a local food event in your area. Search our map to see what is happening and how you can get involved. No events in your area? There's still time to get one set up!
  • Organize a dinner party for family and friends and start the conversation on food and making good food choices where it all begins, at home
  • Pledge your support for bringing back food education in schools and teaching children the skills needed to set them up for life
  • Show your support for better food education and choices within the work place, it's never too late to make a difference and most adults spend most of their waking hours out of the house and in work
  • Join the conversation online! Follow @foodrev and #foodrevolution on twitter for all the latest news and use the hash tag #realfood to share your Instagram foodie images on the Food Revolution Day recipe page

Check out our featured dinner parties and food events for more ideas as to how you can get involved in the first ever Food Revolution Day.

Looking for other inspiration? Check out the amazing videos from the Food Revolution community, the Food Revolution Day infographic for bringing back food education and the free downloadable toolkits for starting your own Food Revolution in your home, school and business.

Food Revolution Day provides an opportunity for everyone to come together and unite on one day, to get the world to focus on food issues and rally our efforts to bring food education back. Making simple changes to our food choices will improve our quality of life and our children's. Let's make some noise and raise our voices together on Food Revolution Day.

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