Food Revolution Day: Mobilizing a New Generation of Changemakers

When the inspirational Jamie Oliver set out to film his show Food Revolution, he launched the project with a bold, gutsy mission statement: to change not only the way people eat and cook, but also the way they think about food itself.

As Jamie put it: "This is not a sparkly, pretty show. It's about finding local ambassadors for change."

This is exactly the spirit that's embodied in the world's first-ever Food Revolution Day: the realization that real change begins on the ground, sparked by grassroots actions, and powered by the passion, energy and urgency of people like you.

Thought for Food (TFF) is thrilled to be a youth partner to Food Revolution Day. To commemorate this important event, we are calling upon the best and brightest young leaders of our time to join in and take action in their local communities.

TFF is mobilizing a new generation of changemakers to take action towards solving the biggest challenge facing our future: how to feed 9 billion people. In the span of two short months, exceptional teams from top universities around the world have created wildly innovative project ideas that address global food issues. This month, 10 finalist teams are working relentlessly to develop business plans to move their plans from ideas to impact.

Universities in countries as diverse as Canada, Korea, India, Nigeria, the UK, the USA and Taiwan are launching creative, bold initiatives to educate, inspire and empower people to improve their food habits and build a healthier, more sustainable planet.

From developing campus awareness campaigns and smart phone apps, to kick starting agriculture reality shows and educational urban gardens, TFF student teams not only grabbing the world's attention, they are doing things that will change the world. You can find out more about their plans at

We believe that it really is possible for the world to develop a new food system -- for production and consumption -- that makes more out of less, that uses precious resources efficiently, that resists weather and climate and crop disease. Not all these ideas have been developed yet. Not all the technologies we need have been developed yet. It's going to take collaboration across disciplines, across national boundaries, across sectors and across cultures.The food revolution is growing in communities around the world... sparked by grassroots campaigns... powered by the passion and energy and urgency of young people.

You are invited to join us too. Thought for Food has created a special flyer just for Food Revolution Day called the "Food Revelations for a Food Revolution" which calls on you to sit down for a meal with your colleagues, family or friends and have a discussion about food! With today's hectic lifestyles, we often feel pressed for time and our eating habits suffer. Just taking a moment to sit down, enjoy good food, and appreciate how it got to your plate is a good first step in the right direction.

"Impossible" doesn't have to be the final word. We are calling on young people to reach out to your networks, inspire your friends, colleagues and families to wake up and get involved in solving these issues.

Remember, Food Revolution Day is just the beginning. Every day is a chance to get involved, to think big and take action to find the solutions that remake our world.

Find out more at: the TFF Challenge website, Facebook page and @tffchallenge.