Monsanto Hates This

Monsanto and their buddies in big agribusiness might want to dominate the world's food supply. But a growing movement of concerned citizens is getting fed up and fighting back.

Monsanto won some huge victories recently. They led a team that spent $46 million narrowly defeating California's Proposition 37, the "right to know" ballot initiative. And they helped to write and see to the sneaky March 26 passage of the "Monsanto Protection Act" by the U.S. government.

Meanwhile, the soda industry has been spending lavishly to defeat initiatives that might lower consumption of their obesity-causing products.

But there's most definitely another side to this story. Movements for organic, sustainable, non-GMO, fair trade, living wage, humane, and healthy food are all exploding.

At this very moment, there are reported to be GMO labeling initiatives in 30 U.S. states as well as in Congress. Consumption of organic foods has expanded 26-fold in the last three decades. Some states are banning gestational crates for pigs, banning cages in egg production, and taking other steps to require farm animals to be treated like the sentient beings that they are.

And, much to the chagrin of Monsanto and the junk food industry, the widely heralded Food Revolution Summit launches today with more than 60,000 participants. Last year's Summit galvanized the food movement, and this year's Summit promises to be even more potent. Some of the most powerful voices in the food movement are being interviewed by bestselling author John Robbins

Summit speakers include bestselling authors Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Kris Carr, Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Dean Ornish, Russell Simmons, and Kathy Freston. What unites this diverse bunch of speakers is a common commitment to healthy, sustainable, humane and conscious food for all.

In a world where genetically engineered, pesticide-contaminated, highly processed pseudo-food can be considered normal, choosing real, healthy, sustainable food can be a revolutionary act. But the food revolution is not fought with swords and bombs. Instead, it is fought with your knife and fork. And the only collateral damage is better health, more energy, and a brighter world for future generations.

There is no charge to participate in this ground-breaking happening. Monsanto and their co-horts might like nothing better than to hijack your health, your palate, and your wallet. The Food Revolution Summit is about breaking free from their grip. Join us. You'll be glad you did.

Ocean Robbins serves as adjunct professor at Chapman University and as CEO and co-host (with best-selling author John Robbins) of the 85,000 member Food Revolution Network. For more on the Food Revolution Summit, click here.