Michael Pollan's 'Food Rules' In Stop-Motion (VIDEO)

If Michael Pollan were a cartoon character, he could be Michael Pollen, a talking flower stamen who sheds while speechifying about saving the planet. But until some intrepid ex-California Raisins animator gets on the job, we've got Marija Jacimovic's and Benoit Detalle's "Food Rules" to tide us over, a stop-motion animation created for a contest hosted by the Royal Society for the encouragement of the Arts. The task at hand was to bring an RSA talk to life in film, something the RSA has done themselves in the past with a series of sketchnote animations. Jacimovic and Detalle took a page out of the RSA's book, animating Pollan's 2010 RSA keynote, from his iconic book "Food Rules" (previously illustrated by the great Maira Kalman). Jacimovic and Detalle hit on the clever idea to use Pollan's subject matter to enact his words. According to Jacimovic's Vimeo page, the seeds, veggies and fruits that make up the film were arranged with a mix of stop-motion and compositing techniques. And sure enough, it's hard to deny the persuasive power of broccoli trees pleading for sustainable farming. Check out "Food Rules" below, and head over to the RSA site to view and vote on all of the entrants.