Food Safety Disasters 2011: The Deadliest And Strangest Outbreaks Of The Year

The Worst Food Safety Disasters Of 2011

Reading tons of food news can make you hungry. But if the past year is a typical one, it can also make you scared to eat. It turns out people get sick from food-borne illness constantly, everywhere in the world. Millions of people! So it's no surprise that we didn't have to search far when we wanted to compile a list of the 11 worst food safety disasters of the year. But it also goes without saying that there are so many such stories that it's impossible to be totally comprehensive! If we missed a story you thought was a bigger disaster than some of the ones on our list, let us know in the comments. Also, a side-note: as tomorrow is the last day of 2011, this wraps up our end-of-year coverage. Onwards and upwards in 2012!

Here are our 11 biggest food safety disasters of 2011:

11. Blue Plastic Chips Found In Ground Beef

Food Safety Disasters

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