10 Food Scraps You Should Always Save

The 10 Food Scraps You Should Always Save

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Looking to save money? How about cut food waste? Or maybe you just want to make some really excellent meals? Consider food scraps—those bits and pieces of leftover fruit, veggies, meat, and yes, even cheese, that you’d normally throw away or compost.

According the National Resources Defense Council, we Americans chuck about 20 pounds of food every month, costing us anywhere from $28 to $43 per person. Part of that is an aversion to food we might consider below-standard. "We're used to perfect-looking produce and food in pretty packages in the supermarket, and we also take abundance and cheap food for granted," says Kristen Miglore, Executive Editor of Food52.com. "But that can't last. There's been a movement in the past couple years to start embracing ugly but still perfectly good food, and educating cooks about the food scraps they shouldn't be tossing.”

Read on for 10 food scraps you can re-purpose in recipes and more, creating delicious meals with odds and ends you may have overlooked.

Meat fat, scraps, and bones

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