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The Most Satisfying Food Sounds Of All Time

From the crack of a crème brûlée to the sizzle of bacon.

While we obviously enjoy food through taste, food is something we enjoy with all of our senses.

Smell plays a critical role in how we perceive food -- we often confuse flavor with aroma, and when we're having trouble smelling, we have trouble tasting. The visual element of food is clearly key -- presentation can make or break a dish and without beautiful photographs, a food blog has a snowball's chance in hell of surviving. "Food porn" is an established part of our lexicon and a pastime for many. Texture is another obviously important aspect of our relationship with food -- someone might get squeamish at the rubbery texture of squid but adore the softer texture of mushrooms.

Sound, however, is often forgotten when we think about food. Sounds from the kitchen -- off the grill or from the pan -- sounds from the bar, or sounds from your own mouth should not be overlooked. There are some food sounds that are unlike anything else, and can conjure up delicious memories or make our stomachs rumble with hunger.

What food sounds do you love? Here are some of our favorites:

The crack of a crème brûlée.
When that spoon hits the hard, caramelized shell and breaks through to the cool crème below, you might as well be in heaven.
The sizzle of bacon.
Nothing gets us out of bed faster.
Pouring cold beer into a glass.
Simon Murrell via Getty Images
Mmmmm beer.
Stirring mac and cheese noodles.
Pushing the hot, gooey cheese around the steaming noodles is an integral part of the experience.
The crack of a lobster claw.
Alexandra Grablewski via Getty Images
And then dipping lobster into drawn butter.
Popcorn popping.
Tim Oram via Getty Images
It's an obvious one, but that doesn't take away from how great popping popcorn sounds every time.
Pancake batter dropping onto the griddle.
Pancake batter plopping onto the hot griddle and immediately starting to sizzle makes us feel like kids again.
The first bite into a crisp apple.
Tim Green via Getty Images
Anything after the first bite is kind of annoying.
Whipped cream sprayed from a can.
We're all in favor of homemade whipped cream, but there's nothing quite like the sound of spraying out the canned stuff.
Meat grilling.
lomo al trapo
Grilling meat is enticing because of the smoke and the smell of the meat cooking, of course, but we also love the sizzling, crackling sound.
Pop rocks!
In your mouth!
Stir frying vegetables.
Jasmina via Getty Images
That first sizzle after throwing crisp vegetables into a hot pan makes us love stir fry so much more.
French fries frying.
Or anything frying, actually.

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