Food Stamp Surfer Still On Food Stamps


WASHINGTON -- In their quest to cut nutrition spending last year, Republicans held up Jason Greenslate as the perfect example of somebody who should not receive food stamps. The 28-year-old used his benefits for lobster and preferred to play rock music than work a regular job.

Congress has since passed modest cuts to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, but the GOP has failed to boot Greenslate. Fox News reporter Jesse Watters caught up with Greenslate in San Diego on Monday and asked him how he thinks his food stamp lifestyle looks to regular Americans.

"It looks like a good time, man," Greenslate said.

Watch Watters' full interview with Greenslate below.

Watters asked Greenslate if he knew that his food stamp usage is contributing to the $17 trillion national debt.

"Do I have to apologize for the way the system's set up? I don't feel I need to apologize," Greenslate said, sensing Watters' disapproval. "It's just the way you're wording it kinda seems I'm getting the ruler on the hand, you know?"

People qualify for food stamps by being poor. Republicans had sought tighter restrictions on able-bodied childless adults like Greenslate, who comprise a small minority of SNAP recipients, but the conservative measures approved by the GOP-led House of Representatives were omitted when the House bill merged with legislation from the Democratic-led Senate.

Greenslate said he won't need government help to feed himself as soon as his band, Ratt Life, makes a few million bucks. He said food stamps have helped him focus on his career.

"If everything's planned out right I should be off food stamps in a month," Greenslate said.

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