Trying To Get Laid? This Is The Food You Should Be Making

Chef Ronnie Woo is here to help you out.

Is the secret to getting laid cooking your partner the perfect meal?

Chef Ronnie Woo explores this idea in his show "Food To Get You Laid," premiered earlier this year. Each episode of the program is framed around a couple who are looking to enhance their love life through some new culinary endeavors with the help of Woo.

Now the show is wrapping up and Woo is reflecting on the success of the first season.

"I could have not asked for a better first season of Food To Get You Laid," Woo told The Huffington Post. "This show is very different from other cooking shows in so many ways and it's truly something I'm incredibly proud of. The message of the show is very near and dear to my heart and judging from the overwhelmingly positive feedback I received, I really believe that it resonated with the viewers. My biggest hope for viewers of this show after watching the season is that they are more motivated and fearless about getting in the kitchen and cooking for the people they love. Relationships are all about shared experiences and communication and food is the perfect way to create a conversation... and a memory." 

Check out the clip above where Woo shows viewers how to spatchcock a chicken and watch the special double episode finale on LOGO on Sept. 25 at 9:00pm ET.

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