Food Trucks Become Mainstream: Have They Jumped The Shark?

Via the LA Times: The wild west days of gourmet food trucks (think territory skirmishes, fierce competition, and striking gold) seem to be coming to an end as mainstream restaurants and national fast-food chains enter the fray. With the recent food truck fracas on Wilshire Boulevard and Los Angeles considering tougher regulations on the city's 4,000-something food trucks, this food trend just might be about to jump the shark.

This LA Times quote from custom truck maker Arthur Djahani clues us in on what to expect: "The company is building the truck for Sizzler and has fielded inquiries from representatives of Shakey's Pizza, the Habit, Poquito Mas, Johnny Rockets and Koo Koo Roo, he said."

Scroll through a slideshow of brick-and-mortar restaurants with food trucks.

Mainstream Food Trucks