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7 Food Typos That Make Us Cringe

Please, for the love of all that is holy, let's stop this madness.

Because we spend most of our day digging around the internet for food to share with you guys, we end up exposing ourselves to some pretty rough grammatical situations. We also end up talking to other people a lot about food, so we've either seen, read or heard some of the worst food typos, misspellings and malapropisms that exist on earth. We know that everyone doesn't care as much about these things as we do, but there are a few of them we just can't abide anymore.

Below, you'll find seven food typos that make us cringe the hardest. Let's all work together to eradicate this madness from our world. If we missed one that gives you the shivers, let us know in the comments.

Look, say it however the hell your brain wants you to say it, but Carmel is a city in California and caramel is a delicious dessert ingredient.
Diane Macdonald via Getty Images
A macaroon is a coconut stack cookie often eaten on Passover. What you are looking at here is a macaron. It is French. It is made from almonds and egg whites. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME.
"Whip Cream"
JGI/Jamie Grill via Getty Images
Okay, okay. You whip cream in order to turn it into whipped cream.
Farrukh Younus via Getty Images
What you see here is a cup of hot cocoa. Coca, as it's often misspelled, is the leaf from which cocaine is derived. So, as you might imagine, a hot cup of coca would have a decidedly different effect.
"Jim Bean"
Jim Beam
We're not sure how this one got started -- maybe because people talk about Jim Beam after they've already consumed a fair amount of it. To our knowledge, there is no Jim Bean. So quit it.
Espresso does not have an 'x' in it. Whoever did this to us didn't love us. Stop letting them hurt our family.

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