The Top 10 Food Videos Of The Year Are Really Weird, Guys (VIDEOS)

How to scramble eggs in a sock? Sure. How to make nerdy cakes? Not so much.

Just when we thought we had you figured out, People of the Internet, you went and pulled one over on us.

YouTube has officially released the top 10 food videos of 2013. We were expecting to see some beautifully shot food porn, smart cooking hacks, and masterful recipe how-tos ... but no. Instead, in 2013 you must've spent a lot of time watching nerdy girls make My Little Pony cupcakes, and thickly accented men open toy-filled chocolate candies for 10 straight minutes.

We can't completely criticize the list, because it does include a tutorial on how to scramble an egg inside a sock. And it teaches you how to make chocolate bowls out of balloons. But for the most part, we think you weirdos are going to be surprised at what you've been watching all year.

What was your favorite food video of 2013? Leave us a comment below.

#1: How to Scramble Eggs Inside Their Shell
Genius trick. Questionable outcome. Would you eat it?
via Nighthawkinlight
#2: Nerdy Nummies: My Little Pony Cupcakes
Apparently there are a lot more nerds out there who are into My Little Ponies than we thought? Seriously guys, this is the #2 most-watched food video of the year. We're a little nervous for the rest of this list ...
Via Rosanna Pansino
#3: How To Make Balloon Chocolate Bowls
We can guarantee we'll be trying this one soon. Approved.
Via Hey! It's Mosogourmet!
#4: Surprise Egg Angry Birds [Fazer Chocolate Egg with Toy]
WHY??? Oh Internet, you baffle us. This is a 10-minute video of watching a guy open up chocolates filled with toys. You've stumped us on this one, YouTube.
Via JunkFoodTasterDotCom
#5: All You Can Eat Ribs (by the dumpster)
In which a restaurant employee exposes his company's disgusting practices before the food inspector visits.
via Brandon Huber
#6: How Much Food Can You Buy For $5 Around The World?
Pro tip: If you love beer, MOVE TO CHINA.
Via BuzzFeed Video
#7: Nerdy Nummies: How To Make A Lego Cake
She's baaaaack, and she's doing more weird voices.
Via Rosanna Pansino
#8: Nerdy Nummies: Chess Cake
No wait, seriously? AGAIN? You guys love yourselves some nerdy nummies, Internet People.
Via Rosanna Pansino
#9: How To Make Chocolate Easter Eggs
This one upsets us, and we never want to see this kind of violence against chocolate bunnies again.
Via HowToBasic
#10: Summer Treats: Healthy Homemade Popsicles
This is a perfectly helpful video, but again -- you guys are watching some WEIRD stuff on YouTube if this is the 10th most popular food video of the year. We're done figuring you guys out. ON TO 2014!
Via HooplaKidzRecipes

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