8 Food Words Rejected (For Now) By The Oxford English Dictionary

Serious Eats' Erin Zimmer pointed out an article from the Telegraph about millions of "non words" rejected by the Oxford University Press as "unsuitable" for inclusion in the Oxford English Dictionary (OED). From the Telegraph:

They now lie in a vault in Oxford alongside millions of other unused words which are written on 6in by 4in cards and stored alphabetically in 50 huge filing cabinets. [...]

Fiona McPherson, senior editor of the OED's new words group, denied the words are ''rejects'' and said they have every chance of being printed in the future. She said: ''They are words which we haven't yet put in. I don't like calling them reject words because we will revisit them at some point and they may well go in. They are not yet considered suitable for the dictionary because there's not enough evidence that people are using them."

Several of the words have food connotations, so in the interest of staying at the forefront of our food & drink lexicon, here are eight food-related words languishing in a vault without Oxford-sanctioned word status.

8 Food Words Rejected By The Oxford English Dictionary