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The 15 Most Embarrassing Words To Spell Wrong On Restaurant Menus

We know, we know, there are a lot of consonants in Fettuccine. But that's no excuse.

When we eat out, we want to feel like restaurants know a thing or two about the food they're preparing for us. We want them to know how to properly cook their food so that we don't spend the night curled over with the worst food poisoning pains. And we want them to know how to keep a kitchen clean so rodents don't end up in our risotto. But we also want them to know how to spell fettuccine and barbecue.

The fastest way a restaurant can lose our confidence is when its can't properly spell the very food it's selling. Now, we're all human. We all make mistakes -- especially when it comes to grammar. We sometimes get a little over excited about commas; we occasionally can't help but end sentences with prepositions; and we definitely make TONS of typos. It's okay. But, when it comes to the food menus, and the fact that there are like 25 words involved max, we expect a little more. Can we all just agree to use dictionaries , please?

Here are the worst, and sadly, most common food typos that appear on menus.

BARBECUE or BARBEQUE, Just Never: Barbacue
Flickr: BrownGuacamole
If you want some of this you had better get it right. Repeat after us, Bar-BEE-cue.
SANDWICH, Not: Sandwhich, Sanwich, Samwich
Flickr: avlxyz
Sandwiches are too great to be treated with such disrespect.
CAESAR, Never: Cesar, Ceasar, Caeser
Flickr: Pay a bluish oak
The whole world must have been asleep during world history, because if anyone was paying attention they'd know that there's an A after the C in CAESAR.
DESSERT, Please Not: Desert
Flickr: Andrea Anastasakis
With something as sacred as dessert, we think everyone needs to get this right. (Just remember, the desert will never treat you as well as dessert can.)
BRUSSELS SPROUTS, Not: Brussel Sprouts
Flickr: Andrea_Nguyen
Why you guys hating on the S? Just remember, it's spelled just like the city.
CARAMELIZED, Never: Caramalized, Carmalized, Carmelized
Flickr: Stacy Spensley
Let this be a lesson to you, words aren't always what they sounds like. Despite what you might think, it's cara-MEL, not cara-MAL.
CAPPUCCINO, Not: Capuccino, Cappucino, Or Cappucinno
Flickr: AlphaProject
Don't do this to such a beautiful creation.
BROCCOLI, Never: Brocoli, Brocolli, Or Brokely (Seriously)
Flickr: Dave Ng Photography
You might not like this vegetable very much, but that doesn't mean it should be mistreated in such a way.
MASCARPONE, Not,: Marscapone
Flickr: B*2
Just remember, there's a car in mascarpone.
OMELETTE Or OMELET, Just Never: Omlet Or Omlette
Flickr: Niki Holmes
We know mornings are rough, and it can be hard to remember how to spell our own names before a cup of coffee, but guys, our eggs deserve more than that.
LOX, Never: Locks, Loks
Flickr: ToastyKen
Don't make it more complicated than it has to be.
VEGETARIAN, Never: Vegitarian or Begeterian
Flickr: B*2
We know what you're thinking: who in the world spells it Begetarian?? Well, you weirdos out there do.
MACARONI, Please Not: Macoroni
Flickr: Vancouver Bites!
Why does this even happen???
FETTUCCINE, Not: Fetucini, Fettucini
Flickr: rkazda
Alright, we'll give it to you. This Italian pasta is hard to spell. But take a minute, and make note that there aretwo Ts, two Cs, and only one N.
CHIPOTLE, Not: Chipolte
Flickr: woodleywonderworks
Considering the fact that the famous Mexican chain has put this word on every block, we think it's time people finally get it straight.

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You Destroy Your Onions
Flickr: mommyknows { Kim Becker }
If you're old enough to use a knife, you're old enough to learn how to properly chop an onion. Take one minute and 16 seconds and let Gordon Ramsey show you how.
You Think Garlic Powder Is A Fine Substitute For REAL Garlic
Flickr: CarbonNYC
It's not. And don't make that mistake again. We know peeling and chopping garlic can be work, but DEAL WITH IT. This one piece of advice will transform the way you cook.
You Use A Dull Knife
Flickr: DaveCrosby
You're just asking to cut off your finger if you work with a dull knife. And you don't want that to happen. You have a couple of options: you can go out and buy better knives, you can learn to sharpen your knives, or you can have someone sharpen them for you.
You Skimp On The Butter
Flickr: jessicafm
There's a reason food tastes so good at restaurants, and that's because chefs tend to have a heavy hand when it comes to butter. You should too. Try it, you'll be amazed at how much better your cooking tastes.
You Boil Pasta In A Small Pot
Flickr: Christian Cable
Do you like gummy pasta? We're guessing you probably don't. So then you need to stop crowning your pasta into a tiny pot. Give it some space to cook.
You Don't Wash As You Go
Flickr: aaron13251
Look, we're not trying to parent you here, but washing your dishes as you dirty them is going to greatly improve your cooking experience. There's nothing worse than sitting down to an awesome home-cooked meal with the knowledge that a huge sink of dishes is waiting for you.
You Store Your Tomatoes In The Fridge
Flickr: weegeebored
Not everything does well in the fridge. And tomatoes, potatoes and onions are three produce items that taste better when left out.
You Use Skim Milk
Flickr: loop_oh
If you've ever compared the taste of skim milk to regular milk, then you know that skim milk tastes like dirty water. And that regular milk is where all the flavor is. So don't cook with skim milk, unless you like the taste of dirty water.
You Think You're Too Good For A Slow Cooker
Flickr: trenttsd
You're not. And you're missing out on some amazing meals (plus, a lot of convenience).
You've Neglected Your Spice Cabinet
Flickr: stu_spivack
Spices are where all the flavor's at. Neglect those and you may as well just give up.
You Don't Take The Time To Wash Your Greens
Flickr: ted_major
No one likes eating grit, so just wash your spinach, okay?
You're Too Lazy To Buy A New Oven Thermometer
Flickr: RJL20
You should know that no oven can be trusted. Whatever temperature you think you have it set to is usually not how hot it actually is. An oven thermometer will help you straighten that right up. And your baking will thank you for it.
You Don't Use Parchment Paper On Your Baking Sheets
Taking an extra few minutes to run to the store is worth preventing the pain of EVERYTHING STICKING TO YOUR COOKIE SHEETS, no matter how "nonstick" the surface is.
You Use Crappy Olive Oil And Expect It To Taste Good
Flickr: Manuel Ribadulla Rodríguez
Don't expect oil to magically start tasting good just because you're cooking with it. That oil flavor is going to be the base flavor of your every dish. Remember that next time you want to save $1.50 on a bottle of olive oil.
You Use Store-Bought Stock Instead Of Making Your Own
Flickr: The Craftsy Blog
It's so simple. You have no excuse.
You Forget That Meat Shrinks When It Cooks
Flickr: jdn
That piece of brisket you buy for your dinner party will get much smaller. You have been warned.
You Expect Every Dried Bean To Act The Same
Flickr: cookbookman17
Sometimes they take an hour, sometimes they take four. Be prepared to be flexible.
You Make Mashed Potatoes With An Immersion Blender
Flickr: BrownGuacamole
And it turns to glue. Maybe you haven't done this, but we've made this tragic error. Don't repeat our mistake!
You Put Your Good Knives In The Dish Washer
Flickr: Amanda Niekamp
Why would you treat your $100-or-more knife the same way you would your $1.99 cutlery? You're just going to end up with a dull blade and maybe even a damaged handle. Make the time to hand wash your knives, it will seriously take you no longer than 45 seconds.
You Use Lean Beef
Flickr: ilovebutter
Lean beef = lean flavor = bland. Fat is where the flavor is. We just thought you should know that.
You Don't Use Perfectly Clean Bowls To Whip Egg Whites
Flickr: currystrumpet
If you just mixed up your cake batter in the mixing bowl and gave it a quick rinse, DO NOT FOR ONE SECOND think you can whip up egg whites in it afterward. The grease will weigh them down, they'll never fluff up, and you'll end up having to go to the store for more eggs.
You Forget Food Is In The Oven
Flickr: rmkoske
Whoops! You might want to invest in a timer. Just sayin'.
You Use Store-Bought Lemon Juice
Flickr: paulswansen
Seriously?! Is it really that hard to squeeze a lemon?
You Burn Your Garlic
Flickr: stu_spivack
Garlic is sensitive, be kind to it. It'll give you loads of flavor if cooked delicately, but once you burn it don't expect much more than bitterness.
You Don't Have Fun While Cooking
Flickr: Skånska Matupplevelser
Cooking is not meant to be stressful. And it's not meant to be hard. If that's the way you feel about it, it's going to come across in your food. Have fun with what you're making. Improvise as you see fit. Drink the wine you're cooking with. And maybe even turn on some music.