Foodie Time in NYC

One of the greatest things about visiting New York is all of the fabulous iconic restaurants and specialty food markets in New York City.

There are so many great places to choose from that when I come for a visit I never know where to begin. My "must-try" list is a mile long - here are a few of my most recommended from my recent trip.

In addition to ordering gifts from many of these specialty shops and restaurants for my friends during the holidays, I would also ship them to my home in Los Angeles for myself to enjoy - I am glad I had an opportunity to finally try them in person!

Brunch on the weekends is a New York City must; this trip I met friends on the Upper West Side at Barney Greengrass for a classic breakfast of lox, eggs and onions - one of my favorites!

I then stopped at Zabar's, another iconic institution that is known for their incredible smoked appetizing counter for over 70 years - they have the most amazing nova, sturgeon and whitefish. Zabar's started out as just an appetizing counter known for their fish and over the years has grown in size and product. The store now takes up half a city block and now sells everything from gourmet coffee and cheeses to delicious prepared foods - and, of course, hot homemade bagels. For many of my New Yorker friends, Zabar's is a Sunday morning tradition.

For years I had ordered gifts from the popular William Greenberg's Bakery on the Upper East Side; they are known for shipping their baked goods in classic red tins. The bakery is not only known for high-end and beautiful and delicious wedding cakes, but also for their traditional "classic" kosher desserts: black and white cookies, babka, brownies - even homemade challah. I made it a point to visit the store in person this trip and hand pick a few treats to indulge in!

Lastly, I had dinner with friends at one of the city's most legendary steakhouses, Smith & Wollensky. Gourmet magazine is quoted with labeling the establishment as "the quintessential New York steakhouse," and now I know why... not only does Smith & Wollensky have the most incredible dry-aged steaks, but the seafood is also incredibly fresh and plentiful - giant stone crab claws, three-pound lobsters and a shrimp cocktail you make a whole meal out of. I highly recommend making this steakhouse a priority on your next visit to New York.