'Foodies' Premiere: Web Series To Ridicule Snooty Gastronomes

UPDATE, 3/9/11: The Foodies premiere is now online:


Starting March 9, food-obsessives and their detractors alike can begin feasting on Foodies, a new online-only series living at

Creator Japhy Grant tells HuffPost Food, "I was actually in a dinner club with some very sort of wannabee society people (I was dating one of the members) and somewhere between preparing the gazpacho sorbet and the conch shell fritters, I realized this rarefied world was ripe for comedy." He noted, "Sure people can be snobby about food, but oftentimes it's a mask for deep passion."

Don't be fooled by its web-only basis -- a look at the preview below and a quick glance at the myriad credits shows this is no amatuer operation.

Japhy Grant writes and directs the series, which stars Carlee Avers (Veronica Mars), Daniel Franzese (Mean Girls), Sean Hankinson (Prom Queen), Anne Lane (Dorm Life), and Jeffery Self (30 Rock, 90210).

New episodes will apear weekly and clock in at 5-7 minutes apiece. So far, the creators say, they've shot three episodes comprising a "mini-season" plus a pilot, with plans for a full season in the works.

Check out the preview for the March 9 premiere of Foodies, going online Wednesday morning at 3am EST: