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Foods That Always Get Stuck in Your Braces

Fairly restrictive and even sometimes painful, braces do not make eating a fun experience.
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No matter if you are the captain of the dance team or the president of the AV club, if you are or were an American teenager, it is likely that you've had to suffer from the plight of having braces. After all, according to the Pennsylvania Dental Association approximately four million people in the United States are wearing braces at any one time. And in truth, braces-wearing adults are becoming even more popular as the quest for a perfect, healthy smile continues. While braces are undoubtedly a worthwhile investment, there is one hugely negative downside: trying to enjoy food with braces.

Fairly restrictive and even sometimes painful, braces do not make eating a fun experience. First off there are a ton of things people with braces are not supposed to eat. Then the things that you can eat, or at least attempt to eat carefully, have this horrid habit of getting caught in your braces.

Foods That Get Stuck in Your Braces

Gone are the days where you can freshen your breath with gum without having to spend hours detangling the sticky stuff from your teeth. For a few years you say goodbye to the joy of biting into bread without the dough sticking to your mouth and walking around without the fear of the remnants of your everything bagel showcasing themselves on your pearly whites. When you wear braces, there are just some foods that you can't avoid incident with.

To commiserate with your fellow current or former brace-faces, click through our slideshow to find out which foods caused the most grief.

-Lauren Gordon, The Daily Meal

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