Foods That Look Like Genitalia

Recently, I received an email about foods that resemble body parts, and how eating them will benefit said body parts. Some items on the list were walnuts, kidney beans, tomatoes, and carrots.

Walnuts look like human brains, so the theory is it will make us smarter. Kidney beans, funnily enough, look like our kidneys, so eat up if you want to keep your filtration system clean. Tomatoes are red and have four chambers, just like our hearts! Carrots -- and this is a stretch -- when cut in circles, look like our eyes.

I'm a believer in natural foods, and limiting processed junk food in our diets, so I think that there may be something to this theory. So much so, that I did a little more digging, and ended up with my own list: Foods That Resemble Genitalia. Whether you're single, married or in a relationship, this food list is for you! Just tailor it to suit your needs. Don't forget to read the descriptions!

Top 10 Foods That Look Like Sexy Body Parts

Did I miss anything? What foods remind you of sensual body parts?