4 Foods That Could Relieve Your PMS Symptoms

Can you really get rid of PMS symptoms by eating the right foods? Fitness and health expert Ellen Barrett is so sure women can that her new book is called The 28 Days Lighter Diet. During her appearance on The Doctors, she suggests trying these foods the next time your menstrual cycle leaves you with cravings, bloating, or other common symptoms.

1. Swap regular or whole wheat pasta with quinoa. "Quinoa has high protein but it's also really high in magnesium, calcium and fiber," explains Barrett. "What we noticed in research and studies is that women who were deficient in magnesium and calcium had more severe PMS symptoms."

2. Load up on eggs and salmon. "Eggs and salmon are a natural source of vitamin D," explains Barrett, a vitamin that helps absorb calcium. "A lot of women aren't getting enough calcium because they're not getting enough vitamin D," says Barrett, pointing out that these foods are especially helpful around the latter half of the menstrual cycle or when women with PMS get bloated.

3. Manage out-of-control cravings with oatmeal and toppings. "Magnesium deficiency leads to out-of-control cravings.," says Barrett, who suggests oatmeal topped with nuts (which are high in magnesium) or cinnamon (which helps with circulation).

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