7 Foods That Will Settle Your Stomach After A Night Of Overeating

7 Things To Eat When You Have A Food Hangover

It was the night of Thanksgiving and you overate. You are not alone. According to the Calorie Control Council, Americans eat, on average, nearly 3,000 calories and 229 grams of fat during this festive meal.

First things first, take a deep breath. You did no wrong by overeating, and it's important to let yourself off the hook. For however many slices of pie you ingested last night, you probably let out a lot of laughs, shared a lot of love and enjoyed the company of family and friends. Do your best to stop beating yourself up over one night of extra calories.

If you're experiencing the physical consequences of sampling all seven stuffings, there are foods you can eat to help soothe your stomach and make digestion a little easier. Here's what to do:

Nosh On A Banana
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The banana is an easy-to-digest food that won't force your stomach to work too hard after an evening of fourth-helpings. In particular, the potassium in bananas helps the digestive system to run smoothly. Bananas are also rich in a soluble fiber that can help reduce diarrhea.
Sip On Some OJ
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Indigestion is sometimes caused by a lack of stomach acidity, and the natural acids in oranges may be a fix. If you're drinking orange juice to calm an upset stomach, drink it before eating and do not drink it alongside carbohydrates -- this could lead to more gas and discomfort.
Add A Little Bit Of Spice
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Though you might not be craving much flavor the day after pie-extravaganza, adding a bit of spice to your dishes might help soothe your stomach. Cumin has been shown to stimulate the liver to secrete more bile, which helps the body better digest.
But Skip The Salt
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"Salt causes the belly to retain water, so reaching for salty potato chips and other processed snacks after a holiday meal may not be the best choice," Alexis Joseph, RD the Director of Nutrition and Communications at Alchemy Juice Bar + Cafe, wrote to HuffPost. She suggests munching on unsalted almonds or air-popped popcorn if you're in need of a crunch.
Have Some Rice
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White rice is bland and low in fiber, so your stomach doesn't have to work hard to digest it. Similar plain foods, like toast and boiled potatoes, won't stress out your sensitive stomach and can help stop diarrhea by absorbing fluids.
Drink Some Apple Cider Vinegar
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Joseph says tis astringent liquid can help improve digestion, alleviate cramping and help your stomach break down food more comfortably. "Try mixing one tablespoon apple cider vinegar, one tablespoon of anti-bacterial raw honey, and a cup of water to sooth the stomach." You can also dilute 1 to 2 tablespoons of the vinegar in a large glass of water. It may help to relieve constipation.
Serve Yourself Some Peppermint Tea
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Your mom was on to something when she offered a cup of this stuff whenever you had tummy troubles. Joseph says sipping on a cup of peppermint tea can help to ease bloating, cramps and nausea.

According t the University of Maryland, the plant calms the stomach muscles and aid the flow of bile, which is what the body uses to digest fat. This makes it easier for food to pass through the stomach.
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