Foosball Pieces With Disabilities Delight Hungarian Players

WATCH: Foosball Gets Awareness-Raising Update

Who knew foosball, the table soccer game played in bars and college dorms across the globe, could be such an awareness-raiser?

Suhanj, a Hungarian group that helps people with disabilities, had some foosball figurines molded into players with their own obstacles to overcome. Some are in wheelchairs, some have reduced sight and some are equipped with prosthetic legs.

In a project orchestrated with Grey Budapest advertising, the "integrated" tables were placed in pubs around Budapest, Hungry, and became a hit. Participation soared at a Suhanj event that mingled able-bodied and disabled athletes, the group reported in the video above.

"A little diversity goes a long way," says the narrator.

Makes us wonder how much social consciousness Joey and Chandler, foosball rivals on the massively popular TV series "Friends," could have inspired in their playing heyday.

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