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The One Thing You're Neglecting This Fall

The leaves are falling, your hair is blowing and your face is glowing as it seems that you've got your skincare routine down for the crisp season ahead. And while you'll be cozily wrapped in scarves and outfitted in boots, you'll probably forget about caring for your innocent feet.

Yes, come fall your toes might not be peaking out of sandals as often as they were in summer, but skin is skin, and it needs to be cared for everywhere. After all, cracked heels and blistered soles are oh-so-real during fall and winter. Besides, once you keep up with your foot care, you'll have an easier transition into warmer weather!

So whether you're hitting up the nail salon, or taking matters into your own -- welp!-- feet, here are some products to keep your soles smooth and fresh.

Spadet Body Buffer
We love this head-to-toe skin-friendly exfoliant. $3.50,
O'Keeffe's Healthy Feet
Try O'Keeffe's to keep your heels well-maintained with pH balance and soothing qualities. $6.49,
Fresh Foot Wipes
When you're on-the-go and smell that familiar foot stench, quickly swipe your kickers with one of these refreshing wipes, which have a cool peppermint fragrance. $9.95,
Gold Bond Medicated Foot Powder
With socks, sweat and boots, your feet could get a little stinky -- that's unless you nip it in the bud with this maximum power powder. $10.38,
Essie Spa Pedicure Feet In The Clouds Leg & Foot Creme
After soaking your feet, give them and your shins a good hardy massage with this moisturizing formula -- or get your partner to do it (insert winky face). $10.99,
Sole Goddess Blister Protection Foot Balm
Closed-toe shoes all of shapes and sizes can definitely cause discomfort, so use this to keep those blisters and burns at bay. $18.75,
Conair Foot Bath
Forget shelling out $30 for a pedicure and instead pay a flat fee to get in all the pedis you want. Plus, this Conair gem heats up AND vibrates -- ah, this must be heaven. $25,
L'Occitane Shea Butter Foot Cream
Shea butter is just so damn good at moisturizing. On a cuddly night, slather this cream on and finish it off with a pair of long, warm socks -- your heels will adore you. $28 for 5.2 oz,
Emjoi 3-Pc Micro-Pedi Gift Set
Ditch the annoying pumice and let this machine do all the work for you. $54.95,
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