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The Snackadium: Football Snacks At Their Best

A football stadium made entirely out of snacks!

There are a lot of great snacks when it comes to watching football. Some of the best, really. Between the guacamole, nachos, and chicken wings, watching football is any gourmand's dream come true. (Confession: This editor watches football for the food alone.) Some might say it even rivals Thanksgiving -- maybe.

But no matter how good all the football watching recipes are, they've got nothing on the genius invention that is the snackadium. The snackadium looks like a football stadium but is made up of the finest in snacks. It is THE BEST. If you're going to be hosting people to watch a game, you owe it not only to your guests but to yourself to make the snackadium.

There are a lot of different ways to put together the snackadium, and of course you should use your favorite snack foods. Pillsbury has some good examples, but we were most excited about the way blogger Rachel Manfredo of Still Learning In This Life and Nicole Osowick put theirs together.

Here's what they used:
Guacamole (for the field)
Salsa (for the field)
Cheese dip (for the field)
Slim Jims (goal posts)
Sour cream (yard markers)
Rice Krispie treats (for the retaining walls between the “fans” and the “field”)
Cheetos, Doritos and tortilla chips (fans)
Small sandwiches (for the arena wall)

To see a step-by-step guide on how to logistically put this massive snack plate together, get the complete instructions at Still Learning In This Life.

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Not up for the challenge? At least make some nachos.

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