For a brighter future

We’re in a critical situation. Time to face reality. The dream of a healthy world’s beginning to fade. Do you remember what we’re fighting for? Will our children understand the meaning of a healthy, green world?

After nine uses, glass defeats plastic containers in the battle of low carbon emissions. After 200 uses, the overall emissions attributed to glass are 500 grams of carbon dioxide. The same number of plastic containers use 3,000 grams, which contribute to the greenhouse effect. The world’s greatest environmental threat.

Ninety percent of the raw materials needed to make glass can be substituted with broken glass. Only a small portion of plastic materials can be recycled. The rest are various fillers, which go to waste.

Are you aware of the world we live in? You’re the consumer. You consume every day. It’s time to look beyond the problem, ensure that there’s a solution. Reuse. Recycle.


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Authors: Astrid Aronsson and Linnéa Gren (Sweden)

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