For All The BFFs With Zero Boundaries

Because who else will keep you company when you're peeing?

"How did you even get into this? It has a passcode..."

"Not important."

A new BuzzFeed video speaks to anyone fortunate enough to have a friend who will curl your hair, pop your back zits, and stop you from texting men and/or women you should avoid -- even if it's because they know you so well they have no trouble unlocking your phone. 

There are boundless benefits to having a best friend. Your BFF can be your travel buddy, your source of stress relief, and, if you're extra lucky, someone close enough in size to swap shoes and clothes with. They will be your WebMD, your dance partner and your comrade in stalking potential dates online. 

So cheers to the ones who check our teeth and noses, warn us when we're PMSing, and know our dietary needs by heart. 

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