For Anyone Who Feels 'Broken'

For Anyone Who Feels 'Broken'
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Some people lose everything and everyone that has ever mattered to them. Life brings such hardship, despair and alienation that they feel 'broken beyond repair.' Others, like a friend of mine seemingly have it all - good looks, intelligence, humor, success, money, friends and opportunities. Yet internally she feels 'broken,' unworthy in some fundamental way. Unable to bear even the smallest compliment, she says that nothing anyone can say will change how she feels inside. And she is right - no one on the outside can. But she can. And if you feel broken, you can too.

To be broken implies that something that was once whole is now in pieces, shattered, damaged, or ruined. When life delivers its relentless and unexpected blows, we feel this way for sure. But there is a spiritual law that can instantaneously change our experience of feeling broken. It does not require that we win the lottery, lose 50 pounds, or get the guy or girl back. It does however necessitate that we redefine who we truly are. It obliges us to consider that although the human personality self feels broken, the Divine Soul Self that lives within us cannot be broken - ever. And no matter what is happening, or has happened on the outside, that is who we truly are.

This radical shift in identity changes everything. To know ourselves only as our personal story of work, family, relationships, life circumstances, health issues and physical looks will forever keep us trapped in the experience of fragmentation. But to identify with our Divine heritage of soul perfection and innate wholeness, liberates us into an expansive freedom of new possibility. The moment we begin to look toward this inner Divine Self, we step onto the road of repair. And the instant we accept our shatterproof Divinity as who we truly are, we realize that we were never broken to begin with.

This is a choice, and it is based on a belief. We all choose our beliefs and they in turn determine our experiences. We can choose a new belief at any time and thereby begin to create new experiences based on the new belief. In yoga philosophy this practice is called Pratipaksa Bhavana. In his translation of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Sri Swami Satchichananda explains it.

"When disturbed by negative thoughts, opposite [[positive] ones should be thought of. "

You can make the choice to form a new belief about yourself right now. If you feel broken, you can choose to dis-identify from the story that is causing you pain, and re-identify with the limitless spiritual being that you are. Or not. You can also choose to stick with the beliefs that are causing you suffering. The choice is yours and yours alone. No one can make it for you. We all have free will.

If you make the choice to liberate yourself, trust that you are supported by the endless love of the Universe and others who have moved in this positive direction before you. Follow your choice with consistent watchfulness of the thought patterns that try to throw you back into pain. Be uncompromising in your commitment to eradicate all thoughts, feelings and behaviors that are associated with the old 'broken' identity.

If anything, internally or externally, tries to derail you from the mission of reclaiming your whole Self, replace it immediately and totally with the truth that the real you is intact, filled with light and infinite potential. Practice moment by moment mindfulness. And never give up. With time and dedication to this realignment with your spiritual Self, nothing and no one can ever make you feel broken again.

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