For Dog's Sakes: Oh My Dog With Beth O


It's wonderful when passion and purpose come together, particularly when it helps our four legged friends.

Case in point is the new book Oh My Dog: How to Choose, Train, Groom, Nurture, Feed, and Care for Your New Best Friend (Gallery Books/Simon and Schuster) which was written by former model turned author and animal advocate Beth Ostrosky Stern (also known as Beth O) and a true labor of love. Co-written with Kristina Grish, the 500 page reference book covers advice from veterinarians, trainers and animal behaviorists on everything from brushing your dog's teeth to reading the label on pet food. While Beth readily admits she is not a bona fide dog expert, her passion on the subject drove her to find those in the know.

Inspired by her grandmother, her family took in strays (her first dog was a mutt collie) when she was a child growing up in Pittsburgh and has been rescuing animals ever since. Today Beth selflessly works as a volunteer and spokesperson for the North Shore Animal League (the nation's largest no-kill shelter) and the Wildlife Rescue Center of the Hamptons. A portion of the book proceeds will go to animal charities.

You might also know Beth as Mrs. Howard Stern, the shock jock who she married last October. The newlyweds share a home with eight-year-old English bulldog Bianca and most recently added a special needs cat named Apple (who was dumped in a box with the name "Apple" on it) to their Manhattan household. Howard was reticent at first (I listen to his morning radio show and would hear the blow by blow of the days leading up to her arrival) but happily all is well. "I feed Apple and clean her litter box," explains Beth, "and Howard comes home and she is all over him flirting! She even sits and watches him play chess!" Something tells me life with the King of All Media is pretty normal.

Beth's dream is to open her own refuge for animals in the Hamptons -- here's hoping she does, as sadly there is an increasing need for more no-kill shelters. Oh My Dog just hit the New York Times best seller list this week and personally I am hoping her next pet project will be Oh My Cat. Keep up the good work Beth!