For Her Next Trick, Adele Kisses A Dog Mid-Concert

Next week, a chimpanzee!
Adele at her Los Angeles concert in August. 
Adele at her Los Angeles concert in August. 

Just in case the world hadn’t gotten the memo that Adele is the bawdy British version of a Disney princess, she went full Snow White on Sunday night at the Los Angeles stop of her world tour. 

It’s become a tradition for the singer to invite a fan on stage every concert, whether it be a drag queen doppelgänger, a Grammy-nominated singer or an adorable gay couple. This time, however, she out-Adele-d herself when she asked a dog named Casper (and his owner, Tommy) to join her in the spotlight. 

Casper, for one, made himself at home, rolling around the stage. Adele kneeled on the ground in her signature floor-length black gown. But when the two came face-to-face, the singer’s new four-legged friend performed a trick for the audience: kissing Adele. 

“I don’t know where that dog’s tongue has been,” she exclaimed, as the audience burst into laughter. “I can’t believe I just kissed a stranger’s dog.”

Watch their romance blossom below:



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