For Jimmy Fallon, The Cyber Monday Sales Were Beyond Belief

By typing in a code, shoppers got huge discounts, especially at Sears, "The Tonight Show" host said.

Cyber Monday was the busiest shopping day of the year, with Americans spending billions of dollar online, Jimmy Fallon said Monday night on “The Tonight Show.”

“Earlier today I saw a UPS guy hiding under his own truck and breathing into a paper bag,” Fallon said.

He listed some of the codes needed to get deals online.

“L.L. Bean was 20 percent off with the code THANKS20,” he said. “The Gap was 50 percent off with the code CYBER. And Kohl’s was free with the code PLEASE TAKE THIS CRAP OFF OUR HANDS.”

But the biggest bargains were at Sears, he said.

“At Sears the entire store was 50 percent off,” Fallon said. “Not the items. You could buy the actual store.”

Check out the video above to see what he said about an uncomfortable moment in the Patriots-Jets football game. 

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