For Once, a Good Pop Song Is Stuck in My Head

I just wanted to briefly note that I cannot get the song "Somebody That I Used to Know" by Gotye out of my head. I am not upset about this since I think it is one of the better infectious pop songs to come around in a while. It has a different sound -- especially the xylophone -- and strong lyrics that are clear and relatable but not overly literal, thus maintaining their poetry. It has a detached broodiness instead of a cloying whininess like recent hipster indie rock songs which have become tiresome (See Fun.'s "We Are Young").

It reminds me of 80s progressive rock music like Genesis or Talking Heads, which is a style we have not heard much in a while and I think we need more of it. In fact, when I first heard this song on SNL last week I said to myself that Gotye sounds like Peter Gabriel or Sting. And, lo and behold, when I looked up Gotye on Wikipedia, it said that his voice has in fact been compared to those of Peter Gabriel and Sting. It's reassuring to know that Wikipedia agrees with me.

Finally, "Somebody that I Used to Know" is definitely much better than the mindless pop song that one of my friends has been obsessing over: "Call Me Maybe," which I cannot take seriously, even after hearing it performed acoustically.

Rugnetta has spoken. That is all.