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For People Who Are Following Their Passion, Stop Now And Do This Instead.

What are you passionate about is not a very important question. It's a rather elitist question because it presupposes that you know what your passion about. And very few of us do.
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What are you passionate about? Please take a few minutes to think about that very important question...

[you're thinking]… [you're thinking]… [you're thinking]…

And we are back! Did you answer the question? No? Why not?

Don't worry. And let me let you in on a huge secrete what are you passionate about is not a very important question. It's a rather elitist question because it presupposes that you know what your passion about.

Passion Is Your Fickle Friend

And very few of us do. Terri Trespicio, a brand specialist explains, "The conversation is that you have one passion and you must find it. And to pursue it to the exclusion of all else." Unfortunately, the popular belief that you are suppose to know what you want to do for the rest of your life, is tragically misplaced.

The problem with following your passions is that passion is not a plan, it's an emotion. And it's stressful. Traumatizing. Even depressing, when you are asked what is your passion and you don't have an intriguing response. Society immediately begins passing judgement and rendering a verdict of failure because of your uninspiring response.

So instead of being judged as a failure you become obsessed with finding your passion. But that tunnel vision deprives you of something far more valuable - opportunity. The opportunity of an amazing job. Or a mind-blowing trip. Or a jaw-dropping project. Or a wondrous relationship.

And many times we are so afraid of making the wrong choice that we make no choice at all and that becomes a self-fulling prophecy of living a life, not on purpose.

Instead, you need to understand what passion is, the pilot light that ignites the fire when you are doing the work.

Being Useful Is Better Than Being Passionate

I have spent the better part of my journey searching for my fire. There were a few times when I almost caught it, but I was always a step too slow.

And there I sat pathetic, depressed, an emotionally spent carcass of my former self. Because my passion eludes me. Then a long time friend turns to me and says, "You're an idiot. You're looking for your passion? Why don't you just do what you enjoy - helping people solve problems?"

And then it dawned on me.

Solve your problems. Solve problems for other people. Keep looking for problems to solve. Be useful. Why, because those who you are helping will thank-you, pay you, and connect you with other opportunities. That is how you develop passion, where your talent in solving a problem meets someone else's needs.

Why Your Passion Will Follow You

So drop what you are doing, now. And think of a problem you can solve and share your solution. Then look for another problem and share your solution. And keep going.

If you want to create a life of purpose don't agonize over it, create it. Because you have dreams to realize, ideas to make happen, stories to tell, and gifts to bestow. And don't, worry about finding your passion because as you do the work, passion will find you.

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