For the Love of God, Stop Sexualizing Kids in and out of the Media

The second season of the Netflix hit, Stranger Things and the 2017 remake of Stephen King’s IT have been the center of attention throughout Hollywood this fall, and with that attention comes the massive amount of fame on the cast - that’s not always a good thing.

There has been a disgusting trend circulating the internet where teenagers and grown adults find themselves sexualizing these young actors. Now for the sake of this article, let’s say a teenager (age 17-18) is crushing on a celebrity that is within his/her own age range, that is normal. However, there are cases where teenagers/adults turn to sexualizing actors such as Finn Wolfhard (14), and his cast-mates.

That’s beyond gross. That is just disturbing to the point where I truly will throw up my lunch.

Finn Wolfhard, who is an undoubtedly talented young man, found himself being constantly sexualized by the media. Not too long ago, Ali Micheal (27), an American fashion model posted a photo of Wolfhard on her Instagram story with the caption ‘Not to be weird but hit me up in 4 years.’ The model apologized only AFTER she was hit with a massive wave of backlash from every social media outlet.

Now, Ali Micheal is still in hot water from this post, while some people claimed it harmless. Micheal and Wolfhard have a 13 year age gap. So for those who believe Ali Micheal’s post was harmless, ask yourself this: if this were a 27-year-old man, commenting on a 14-year-old girl, would you say something?

Funny how gender plays a role in all this. Anyway.

Fans were upset, and they had every right to be. Stan accounts took to Twitter to express their outrage online. One account, Cal, (@tomothyholland) tweeted “this is disgusting, she’s literally 27 and he’s 14 what the f—k.”

Other accounts followed suit, defending the young actor.

Finn Wolfhard isn’t the only young actor who is sexualized. Wolfhard’s Stranger Things cast-mate Millie Bobby Brown (13), has found herself under the foul sexualization from grown adults

Wolfhard isn’t one who will tolerate sexual abuse and sexual assault. The actor officially left his agent when accusations of sexual abuse surfaced. Some of the media seem to forget that a majority of the cast of Stranger Things and IT are children - some of who are in middle school.

Sexualizing a minor is beyond disgusting. No child, inside or outside of Hollywood should be sexualized, and being under the limelight of fame only makes matters worse for these kids. These children are still growing up. Let them have their privacy, and the ability to express themselves with freedom from being constantly sexualized in the eye of the media.

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