For the Love of... Hate Mail!

When I was in boot camp they said you weren't a real Sailor until your shoulders were covered in sea salt.

I was so excited when, one day, out at sea, I realized my shoulders had a nice dusting of white, fluffy salt granules.

Recently, I received the LGBT-activism equivelant. You guessed it: I got hate mail from Sharon Kass. Woo-hoo!

A fanatical letter writer and anti-gay reparative therapy activist, Sharon writes LGBT writers, bloggers and journalists just to let them know that she thinks they're emotional wrecks who need help. It's kind of a compliment, really. You're not a real activist until you've got mail from Sharon.

Some of her recent pen-pals include the Gay and Lesbian Activist Alliance, and, according to what she sent them, Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC).

It gets better: She didn't even send to my email registered on Facebook, Twitter or The Huffington Post -- instead she contacted me at my student email account with the University of Michigan. What a delightfully creepy surprise! This is what Sharon had to say in regards to my most recent blog:

Well, Brian, I suggest you find another goal.

You can get the laws changed, but you can't get reality changed.

The key causative factor in male homosexuality is faulty bonding and
identification with the father, starting in early life.

This is preventable and treatable.

The Left, through psychiatry and in other ways, has been lying to the
public for decades. A made-up "minority" has been useful to it.

Meanwhile, more and more Americans are learning the truth. GayScam will
end--if it takes a civil war.

--Sharon Kass
Washington, D.C.

Of course, why send one message, when you can send another just a few hours later?

It's really interesting that you're in mass communications.

Mass communications' corruption has so much to do with the whole GayScam

Sadly, that includes the "conservative" media, too.

Well, you can surrender to the lies--and champion them.

In which case you'll be looking back on a life much less fulfilling than
it could have been.

I suggest you rethink this. Be a man.

--Sharon Kass

While I don't think I'm a particularly influential writer (I'm surprised when The Huffington Post decides to publish any of my stuff), apparently I'm important enough for Sharon. And you gotta admit: the civil war reference really gives you the warm and fuzzies, doesn't it?

Since we're on the subject of strange things: it's now clear to me that people actually read some of the things I write. Out of love for my new, favorite fan Sharon, I've decided to write her back. However, I'm too damn lazy to do it myself. Instead, I've put up a petition to let Sharon know that 1) Marriage equality will win and 2) She's the minority.

Feel free to write her, too. If you sign the petition, It'll send her an email. Karma's a bitch, isn't it?

You might be wondering: Brian, why are you doing this?

It's quite simple, dear readers: For the love of hate mail.