For the Love of Sisterhood in Business

It's my birthday week.

Being an extrovert/ introvert, I love celebrations but cannot help but be introspective around this time and have found myself looking inward about my business relationships I've developed over this last year.

As a woman in business my partnerships matter, especially those that not only help my career but also feed by soul.


I know much is said about women not supporting other women. I am here to debunk the myth that Sisterhood in business is dead. Competition is an outdated model and I am happy to report the era of cooperation and collaboration is in, especially among women.

Is it always easy? Not really.

Successful partnerships take effor
t. I want to share some of the key areas I've personally found make for a powerful collaboration.

We have to be willing to look at our triggers, talk through challenging debates, be devoted to the partnership and prepared to see the results to the end. It requires not giving up and being very aware of our own inner work. We must constructively communicate what we need from another as a human and as a business partner and be flexible enough to give beyond our comfort zone.

If all involved are willing to do this, we have a future in evolving the utopia we all know is possible for us women.

Accepting people moves beyond race, gender or sexual orientation and asks that we become blind of our own prejudices, our own preferences and open up to see the value others bring. Working through different ways of approaching business does not mean we falter on the respect we deserve, but that we open ourselves to dialogue about what is needed to discuss for the greater good of the partnership as well as each individual.

Intellectually I knew this, but this past year I had to practice this with two other women. We met online; Facebook to be exact. That may sound weird to some, but in this era of online dating, Facebook groups and live stream, something about that seems completely normal to me.

The three of us live across the country from one another. We had never met in person and our only connection was being in similar circles that somehow linked us together as friends on social media.

During a west coast trip that mixed family vacation with conference attending, I decided to make a pit stop in LA and meet them both. The impending meeting turned into my new friends, Naja Hayward and Dr. Tora Brown asking me, What if we taught a workshop together while you are out here?

We scheduled it. People attended it. We had a blast. Attendees loved it. And it was clear our collaboration was not only enjoyable, but magnetic. So, we planned a follow-up course.


A series of zoom, skype and phone meetings followed and as may be expected, misunderstandings ensued as we each struggled to get our individual needs met. We had a choice to make; We leave it all behind, thinking I don't need this OR we stick it out, finish our project and grow from it all.
We chose the latter.

I do not know what made us stick it out. I do not know what desire we each had in our busy, successful businesses to pile on another project and the drama that had already reared its head from dealing with three people with strong minds.

When you are independent and work for yourself, you tolerate less. But somewhere within us we knew we had a good thing. So we kept going. Beyond going, we talked things through; we said the hard things, listened to the tough words and talked some more. If only all relationships could be so functional.

In the short yet intense months it took us way longer to launch our course than planned and that we we would have done on our own, but there was something rewarding about coming out at the other end- product in hand - better understanding two other human beings and getting a little personal growth thrown into our laps.

I think the product won too; it had the horse-power of three women from different walks of life, each accomplished in her own right who poured heart & soul into this one project for the good of those who it could serve.

Sisterhood in Business is not dead, it is just beginning; Starting to evolve into something whole, into something rich, into something we can feel good about. Not just in revenues, but something that feeds the souls of those whose lives it can touch.

My invitation for you is to know that this is possible for all of us. If you are inspired from someone online, reach out to them, ask them what inspires them, what they are working on and ask how you can support them. Do not hold back if you are drawn intuitively to someone. You never know the magic that is created when two or more gather.

I urge you to step outside your comfort zone, for the Love of Sisterhood in Business (and yes in Social Media too!)

Asha Ramakrishna simplifies the path for women to own their own power, claim their birthright of success and create happiness. Her work unlocks the inner potential for smart, successful women to achieve and be more in business and life. With a background in Molecular Biology and Business Development, she brings solid real-world skills combined with highly tuned intuitive gifts. The results are unique and highly effective, as her clients realize how doubling sales and having more time off is doable with slight inner and outer shifts. As the creator of The Priestess Code, she leads women on the definitive path to align their soul, purpose, love, and wealth. She currently lives in Harvard, MA with her soul mate, two human daughters, and a 50 pound Portuguese Water Dog.

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