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My daughter shared quite an extraordinary experience ... "Mommy! Guess what happened last night? I saw three ANGELS!!!" Angels.
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My daughter shared quite an extraordinary experience ...

"Mommy! Guess what happened last night? I saw three ANGELS!!! I woke up last night and there they were...watching me! One was tall and skinny and she was up on the curtains, another was on the other side of the curtains and she was smiling like the skinny angel. Then there was a little one that was kind of chubby sitting with her legs criss-cross applesauce on my stuffed animal bin! She was so cute, mom! She had a little look like she was going to giggle. They were all white but you could see through them. They were all looking at me and kept smiling, and I smiled back. Then, when I woke up this morning, the angels were gone."

Angels. My baby saw angels.

What we can't see, what we can't feel, and what we can't quite understand... we live to embrace. Most of us walk in faith, believing in all we can't see, feel, or understand. We search for purpose and protection, while we find peace in knowing we are cared for and loved by an Almighty Powerful God. And yet there are others whose withered souls fear those deep waters, so they build blind barriers of protection that keep them safe and buoyant while floating atop the unknown. They too, must yearn for understanding and search in secret...

Is there really a Heavenly Father? Do Angels watch over me? Am I loved and cared for by an Omnipotent Creator?

We hear of stories... divine encounters that exalt Heavenly Realms in some way, connecting far beyond our own existence. We listen or read about these experiences with the awe and curiosity of a child, and perhaps we doubt the reality as an adult. Our world is rich in questions, only to find emptiness and echoes of silent answers. We pursue evidence, and oftentimes get lost in the dark swirling reasoning of why and how. Is it real? Is it true? Do I believe?

Is there A Living God?

Don't we long for something tangible? Do we sometimes wonder in the corner of our thoughts, if all the glory and divine power and majesty of the Heavens is open to all? Or even open at all...

If only we could put our hands in His Side. (John 20:27)

My daughter has been told countless times, how her Father in Heaven loves and cherishes His beloved children. Much of her life has been immersed in learning of His Grace and His Glory. I have shared precious details of His Hand guiding every step of her glorious and miraculous journey. She has grown to believe.

And now she has seen His Angels...

I told her to write down exactly what she saw. She resisted with a whiny "Aw mom, why do I have to do that?" As if it was a torturous homework assignment. She doesn't get it. She doesn't realize that in that wondrous night, she experienced what most would never live to see in a lifetime. She was witness to the miracle of knowing, not just believing. She was blessed with an astounding truth to behold.

And as time passes, and the world sucks her in and swirls her around into questioning and doubting...

As she grows older and her faith withers and her hope fails to see, to believe, to understand what is mighty in power and miraculous in wonder...

When she narrows her vision to only what she sees and feels and understands...

There will come a time, when she will remember that night long ago, when she saw three angels smiling at her. She will realize she was witness to something extraordinary in a life of ordinary.

And she will know.

And perhaps?

She will believe.

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