For Valentine's Day, Your NYC Borough Love Breakdown

Who wants to date who? Recently, dating app Clover conducted a survey to see what NYC boroughs had the most desirable singles. The results were kind of ridiculous. According to spokesperson Miranda McCurlie, here are five insights they gleaned:

1) People were most matched with Manhattan dwellers.

2) Singles from Brooklyn were the most wanted.

3) Queens people just like to date, well, Queens people.

4) If you want to hook up with someone from Manhattan, the later it is, the better your chances.

5) No one wants to date anyone from Staten Island.

For more on what they discovered, check out the infographic they made from the data they compiled (note: click to view larger image):


Keep this in mind come this weekend, when love is in the air, couples will engage in their mid-winter ritual celebration of Hallmark mandated love, and singles will be looking for some semi-romantic weekend hookups.

As for gifts? Straight men, see below (FYI straight women, you may want to share this with your man as a hint):


Everyone else, we feel confident in your gift-selecting abilities to forgo giving any advice.

Happy Valentine's Day, New York!