The "Comedy" Of Mocking The Teabaggers

Get thee to a "punitentiary."

It was a field day for the South Parkers. Tea bag? (Snort.) Get it? Hardy-har-har. Tea bags. Every testicular-nuanced, jejune "comedy" aficionado couldn't believe her ears. In fact, not only did most of the tea bag party attendees not get the sexual references, they didn't get just what they were protesting about in the first place. Something about high taxes and inordinate spending, they reckoned. What the hell, a party's a party.

Enter Uncle Joe Scarborough, MSNBC's resident Church Lady. He made sure we knew he knew. Nothing gets past my favorite cultural gatekeeper and redneck Riviera denizen.

You look at these huge rallies, and I'm not going to mention names of people on networks that made sexual jokes, childish sexual jokes, about tens of thousands of Americans who went out and wanted to get involved in their government. I mean, it was really middle school jokes being made. I didn't hear those jokes being made when people on the left protested over the past eight years. And I would expect that from bloggers on the left. I would expect more than that from news outlets and it happened on several networks yesterday.

Every testicular reference was indeed referenced by everyone. Every innuendo (translation: an Italian suppository) was blatantly and obviously identified. You had to be "nuts" to miss the less than recondite insinuations and puns.

Paging pampiniform plexus!

Even CNN's Anderson Cooper noted that "it's hard to talk when you're tea bagging." Not to beat this proverbial equus mortuus, but that's not necessarily so, Coop. At least not for the tea-bagger versus the bagged. Ahem.

The event itself was lost to the street references to certain sexual intimacies. And this from Faux News, no less.

This portion of the Lionel blog is brought to you by Cremaster.

If there's a comedic Zeus, California Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez will soon be accused of doing something . . . wait! . . . drumroll . . . no, wait! . . . DIRTY! Get it? Dirty Sanchez! Snort, snort. I'll be here all week. Try the veal.

Better yet, maybe HBO will have a movie marathon, highlighting that 1985 Chevy Chase classic "Feltch," er "Fletch."

One more. Next week on PBS, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson showcases "Knowing Uranus."

All references to scrotal tribute completely obscured any appreciation for the cause. Which was what again? Oh, yes. Taxes and spending and something about tyranny.