For Whom the Bell Curves: Harvard Law Student Stephanie Grace Says Blacks Are Dumber Than Whites; Black Harvard Professor Roland Fryer Agrees

For Whom the Bell Curves: Harvard Law Student Stephanie Grace Says Blacks Are Dumber Than Whites; Black Harvard Professor Roland Fryer Agrees
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A recent email by Harvard law student Stephanie Grace allegedly asserts, "I absolutely do not rule out the possibility that African Americans are, on average, genetically predisposed to be less intelligent." According to the Harvard Crimson newspaper's blog, this email was forwarded to black law student associations across the country.

Our outrage over the student's political incorrectness aside, are African-Americans less intelligent than whites? As an African-American who graduated summa cum laude in mathematics with the second-highest grade point average in his class at Harvard, I would have to say, Yes. Because the hypocrisy on the part of black Americans is stunning and self-defeating: Black Harvard economics professor Roland Fryer has written a research paper stating that African-Americans are less intelligent than whites.

In "Testing for Racial Differences in the Mental Ability of Young Children," Fryer writes that "the results of our analysis do not preclude a possible role for a genetic contribution to racial differences in intelligence for a number of reasons." He goes on to give three arguments in favor of the "genetic story" that the difference in IQ between blacks and whites comes down to A, C, T, and G.

Instead of being excoriated by blacks, Fryer is celebrated, with black Harvard alumna Soledad O'Brien even interviewing Fryer for her CNN series, Black in America; she calls Fryer a "great guy." Fryer's family sold crack, and he personally sold marijuana, stole money from McDonald's, and nearly murdered a white man. At a meeting organized by Harvard Law School professor Charles Ogletree about reducing the number of young black men in prison, the 1,000-person, mostly black audience convulsed with laughter when Fryer joked that he once thought of going into the pharmaceutical industry, street-side.

Imagine the uproar by blacks if a white professor had made a joke about having once poisoned black children.

This is not the only area where African-Americans exhibit an appalling tolerance when the offending individual is black:

A black former peddler of crack cocaine gets rewarded by becoming the driver and then the "gatekeeper" of the black governor of New York―who also used cocaine "a couple of times".

Another former Harvard law student writes, "Junkie. Pothead. That's where I'd been headed: the final, fatal role of the young would-be black man," and freely admits to using "blow". But it's okay because he is the first African-American president of the United States. Black siren Beyoncé Knowles even glamorizes gangsters in song: I need a soldier: Gotta know to get dough, and he betta be street.

Imagine if a white man, an aide of the governor of Maine or Vermont, had choked a black woman, or shot and killed a black Harvard student. Black preacher Al Sharpton would have been hosting press conferences in Harvard Yard within hours. Sharpton, whose clout in the African-American community is such that he can convene "black leadership summits," despite having been caught on videotape discussing a major cocaine deal with a man he did not realize was an undercover cop.

In Sharpton's defense, he may have been considering a run for mayor of D.C.

Should the Harvard law student be expelled for her stupid, offensive, and easily refuted views? Certainly. But more harmful than the email is the contemporary African-American community's customary cowardice―the Harvard Black Law Students Association "has not taken an official stance" on the email that implies blacks are Untermenschen―and its propensity to elevate monsters and call them heroes. That's simply "precious."

I realize one should not throw stones, particularly when the glass housing market is in a slump. The Black Panthers sold marijuana to fund their early escapades, and Malcolm Little was a lost soul. But the point remains: When African-Americans blame whites for the destruction of black America, while extolling blacks who embody, or participated in, that destruction, one can only question their intelligence.

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